London Elementor Meetups

What are London Elementor Meetups?
London Elementor Meetup events bring together Elementor users from in and around London to share their creators, best practice and ideas.

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These take place at WeWork at London Paddington once a month from 6-8pm.

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Tonisha is passionate about all things web and digital. With over 15 years in the digital space.

Through the process of training over 2,500 e-commerce Entrepreneurs on the process of Starting an Online Enterprise and building out e-commerce websites, she found Elementor to be an amazing tool for creative control and user experience. Over the coming months, Tonisha hopes to see the amazing things you will be developing and to share best practice!


Mike helps established companies sell more by having a having a beautiful website.

Mike does this by improving their visibility, bringing them in more customers and clients, and increasing their conversation. All of this brings in more sales and more profit.

Creating websites with search engine, social media, and content strategies, are the vehicles Mike use to do this.


James is a freelance graphic designer who fell into the world of web design in 2018 by complete accident, at the time my web designer friend couldn’t design my website. James then discovered the wonder that is Elementor after a frantic search to find a simple tool to help me unless my creativity as a designer on the web. 

Since then he has worked on close to 20 websites with clients from different industries as diverse as Laughter Yoga to Pet Brand Photography

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There are a number of places to find great support for Elementor. These are run by Elemntor and the user community.

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If you would like Tonisha or Mike to help you move your website project forward, you can book a Power Hour with us.