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The Best Tools For a Web Creator

As a web professional of nearly fifteen years, I have had the honour of seeing the world of web creation flourish and evolve as new resources are developed by talented companies whose missions are to innovate and change the way we design web pages. As tools come and go, only the very best remain in the battlefield, and I am here to introduce you in the hopes that you will wield these resources to their maximum potential.

      1. Elementor

Elementor is a highly innovative WordPress page builder that lets you create beautiful WordPress websites quickly and easily without coding. Elementor is the first, and currently the only frontend page builder to offer limitless design possibilities and boasts dozens of useful widgets, a comprehensive designed template library, a unique mobile editing toolset and a visual revision history feature.

I use Elementor all of the time and I am a Community Leader for Elementor London. As one of their fiercest proponents, I heartily recommend installing it today if you are serious about web design.

      2. AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo is a powerful marketing automation for your WooCommerce store, allowing you to convert and retain customers with automated marketing that does the hard work for you, with tools such as subscription automations, follow-up emails, card expiry notifications, SMS notifications and more. 

As someone passionate about eCommerce and creating awesome storefronts, I urge you to consider using AutomateWoo to provide better user-accessibility and ease of use for your web pages.

      3. CartFlows

CartFlows is a WordPress Funnel Builder designed to help every website owner get more leads, increase conversions, & maximize profits. CartFlows enables users to turn their WooCommerce website into a selling machine using one-click sales funnels with frictionless checkout, custom thank you pages, global checkout replacement, and more. 

It’s another piece of kit that takes away all the hard work, so I strongly recommend CartFlows as an essential tool when building a great website.

      4. WP Feedback Pro

WPFeedBack PRO is an intuitive and responsive WordPress plugin that will allow your clients to simply click an item on their own website and comment on it while collecting vital technical information, priorities and related status. WPFeedBack Pro provides you with the perfect amount of details you need so you can perform revisions, collect content and provide support in a short amount of time.

For data gathering and metric analysis, WP Feedback Pro is one of the best tools out there for the job. Web designers offering these functionalities to a client are bound to see smiling faces.

      5. ManageWP

ManageWP is a WordPress management tool and dashboard that helps you save time and reduce stress by automating your workflow, allowing your clients to focus on the more exciting aspects of running a website. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites and ships with a range of invaluable features such as scheduling backups, migrating WordPress website, automating updates, monitoring website traffic and SEO. 

If it helps your clients work less and play more, then you should absolutely build a website with ManageWP functionalities.

      6. Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a session replay and heatmap tool that shows how visitors click, move, scroll, browse, and pay attention on websites. By integrating Mouseflow onto your websites, you can generate more web conversions by altering your designs based on the recording of the activity from each visitor on your site. Also, you can filter/segment visitors and eliminate guesswork so your users/clients can take action sooner.

      7. Toolset

Toolset plugins allow beginners and experts of WordPress to craft custom sites in hours instead of weeks with features that enable you to build a dynamic directory, listing and membership sites without coding. Using Toolset you add custom post types and fields to your site and visually create custom templates and lists of content.

As far as WordPress plugins go, Toolset is one of my favourite as it’s another one of those merciful timesaving tools that remove coding from the equation.

      8. Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build websites faster and educate your clients more efficiently than other plugins on the market, making it one of my most recommended tools for anyone responsible for delivering top results for their clients or employers.

Next steps:

To get a better understanding of how these various tools operate and function, you need to try them out for yourself or watch some tutorials on YouTube by expert users. To help get you started, head to our Toolbox page to find links to all of the resources mentioned in this article. 

And as always, watch this space for more articles, news and updates from The Web Creator’s Toolbox.

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