Meet The Team

Meet a team of dedicated web developers and designers on a mission to enhance the career development of other web professionals with the latest skills, knowledge and resources.

We strive to launch your career to new heights with training and skills development from a team of passionate and supportive experts in all things web and tech.

Our toolbox contains a diverse set of resources for building an ideal website for our business clients, delivered by a team of professionals with decades of experience.

We teach a large number of contemporary web design and development skills to individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds and experience.


About Us

The Web Creator’s Toolbox is a brand of Apples & Pears Ltd responsible for helping aspiring and existing web professionals to create amazing multipurpose sites ranging from business storefronts, creative portfolios, blog and news sites, online magazines and more! Sourcing our knowledge from decades of experience in web development and technology, we are in a strong position to share our skills in regular online events and workshops that are open to all, regardless of age, experience or skill in web design and development.

Our mission is to equip individuals and businesses with the skills and resources for creating effective websites that do exactly what you set out to achieve, be that generating revenue through eCommerce, obtaining new clients, showcasing your creative talents, sharing your knowledge and opinions, or even just hosting a blog about cats—nothing is off the table! Our range of original, online events and our partnership with Elementor London means you will be getting the most cutting-edge and contemporary knowledge on all things related to web and modern technology. Before long, we shall also be hosting coaching and bespoke training courses tailored towards your specific needs.

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