Power Hours

In our mission to provide top-class support, we host our highly popular and bespoke coaching service, the Power Hour: a 1-2-1, informal session held over Zoom where we can chat and explore your concerns while providing invaluable advice on how to build an excellent website.

Pre-build planning

It is always good to plan out your website content and design as much as possible before building. During the Power Hour service, we will help you work through your website objectives based on the specific outcomes you want the website to deliver.

Creating a great design

The design of the website is key – not only to ensure it is a visual delight – but to also ensure the visitor journey works so that the conversion is optimised. A good design allows visitors to easily locate and undertake a desired action such as filling out a form, buying products, or registering one’s details. We can help you work though how a great design can lead to commercial success.

Hosting and security

Hosting and security are two key elements to get right from the outset. We can help you choose the right hosting setup and security to allow you to use WordPress with confidence.

WordPress maintenance

Running updates, and backups is so important for any WordPress install, and we’ll provide some solutions as to what could be the best fit for your website.

Custom Content Websites

If you are looking to implement a custom solution for your website project where you know you might need either a plugin to help or to use a custom fields solutions, we can help guide you through those choices.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion is king. If you are finding that not enough visitors to your website are taking the desired action, then we can help you to remove their doubts and increase engagement rates.


If you are generally stuck with your project and have a roadblock that must be cleared, we are happy to talk and discover how to resume your progress.


Power hours cost £50. After the power hour we’ll send you a link, so that you can pay via PayPal.

Contact us by phone on +33 877 554 332 or email by info@thewebcreatorstoolbox.com to request more information or book your 60 min Power Hour session.

Book a call and let’s chat.

Before we book you in for your Power Hour, we’d like to have a quick chat about your needs and expectations from the 60 min session.

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