Elementor UK Meetup 28/06/2023

The first UK Elementor Meetup with the topic How to build a business with Elementor

How to build a business using Elementor

By way of introduction we had a lively couple of hours including a session from Keith Harris on how he built a very complex website (for a very demanding client) using Loop Containers.  With the ensuing discussion we didn’t have time to cover some of the other Elementor topics, but we will cover them in future events.   One of the topics was the new CSS Grid layouts and Oscar has kindly sent us a link to a CSS grid tutorial.  Links for this and some of the other topics we weren’t able to cover are in the ‘Additional Content’ tab.

Our main discussion was around how we build a business using Elementor.  This was highly interactive with lots of people throwing in useful tips, tricks and content.  There was also an incredibly useful discussion on Performance and we have included some of the links to plugins and tools you can use in your search for better performance, in the ‘Helpful Links’ tab above.

The Powerpoint we used is also included here for completeness.  Anything else you want – drop us a request on Meetup or the Whatsapp group.

The following websites were all mentioned in the Meetup on the 28th. I haven’t put much in the way of explanation, but for context you should watch the event video.

This short blog/tutorial on CSS Grid Layouts was provided by Oscar Henao.

The following videos cover some of the topics we had planned for the 28th, but didn’t get around to discussing.  The first video is a series of instructor led videos on the topic of Elementor Performance.


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