Dear Members,

We are thrilled to announce the first of the new UK Elementor Meetups, which will be a virtual event. As a united UK community, we believe this platform is an excellent opportunity for us to explore how Elementor can contribute to our businesses’ growth and sustainability over time.

The focus of this Meetup will be on how we can use Elementor to make money and grow our web creation businesses. In previous events, we have emphasized the technicalities and features of Elementor, but now we want to put those features into the context of building a successful business.

During the session, we will discover together the advantages that Elementor offers us when competing for new business. We are excited to explore this topic and look forward to an engaging and insightful discussion.

In another departure from the norm we also want to take time out to help people who are new to Elementor, so we are encouraging those people who are just starting out with Elementor – we will do this following the Introductions.
The main part of the agenda will be a discussion and exploration of your experiences of how Elementor has (or has not) helped you to win business. Or maybe you have some different experiences to offer to the group.

Whatever your background – Technical, Sales, Marketing, Finance everyone has something to offer.

Here is our agenda:

1: Introductions – a quick round of introductions from everyone on the meetup – primarily we want to know your experience, how long you’ve been working with WordPress and Elementor and a little about what you’re doing. (15 minutes or less)

2: Quick introduction to Elementor for those who are new (30 minutes)

3: How to make money from Elementor – How does elementor help you to win business, what experiences can you share with the group. What advantage, if any, does Elementor offer to Web Creators.

Hope to see you at the Meetup.
Tonisha & Benny


June 28


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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