Elementor UK Meetup 29/05/2024


This month our special guest is Verdi Heinz of Elementor. Powerpoint Event Video Helpful Links Additional Material Most of you will know Verdi as the partnership face of Elementor.   We had a very wide ranging conversation with Verdi and the time flew by.  We went way past our allotted time of 2 hours, but nobody […]

Elementor UK Meetup 27/09/2023


The meetup this month was a clinic where members could bring up any topic they wanted to discuss around Elementor or Web Creation in general.

Elementor UK Meetup 26/07/2023


Meeting Details Video Useful Links Meeting Details The next Meetup of the UK Elementor Group is on Wednesday 26th July, 2023. Details Hello Everyone, Following on from our first event ‘How to make a business out of Elementor’ we are going to continue this theme for the second Elementor UK Meetup. We took a poll before we […]